Bread Book

Bread Book is a conversion tool for bakers and home cooks. Add your favorite recipes and instantly see the baker's percentage for each ingredient.

Adjust servings

Move the slider up and down to adjust the serving size for each recipe. Need to make half as much as last time? Slide down until you see "0.5x". Making double? Slide up. Making a feast for all of your friends and family? Edit the recipe to increase the maximum serving size to 4x, 8x, 20x, as high as you want and then slide up!

Capture the moment

Bake the perfect loaf of bread? Take a picture of it on the recipe page to show your friends, and in the future, use the photo to compare against your next great loaf.

Flexible notes

Can't remember whether to bake at 450° or 500°? Write it down in the notes section. You might also take notes on how many folds and at what intervals, or how much starter to use, or what happened when you increased or decreased the hydration, whether to use a steam tray, or how long to let cool. Remember, baking is a science, so it's best to be consistent.

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